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“We’re creating sustainable pathways for industry to repurpose its waste into high-performance products” 

Vélos is taking a novel and possibly world-first approach to building our full range of purebred race bikes from waste and surplus carbon fibre provided to us by SailGP Technologies and the wider marine and aerospace industry. Aligning ourselves with industry leaders in composite technologies who share our values ensures that Velos will continue pushing boundaries in sustainability, technology, quality, and the circular economies of our products. Our mission is to turn the tide on the throwaway culture and designed-for-obsolescence.

Imagine owning a bike cut from the same roll of carbon that a rocket, an America's Cup yacht, or a race car was made from. That's exactly what our performance frames are made from. Our building blocks are these very materials sourced from industry as feedstock for our high-performance race bikes. Each frame is uniquely yours, made to order.


Not all prepreg we recover is usable for frame building. We selectively choose only the correct weight and modulus Toray prepregs to optimize our frames for performance, weight, and durability. Any out-of-spec carbon is then turned into other products such as bike boxes.

Founded on product repairability, longevity, world-leading design and manufacturing processes.

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