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Industry-leading innovation that has been focused around incremental improvements to manufacturing processes.

We've spent nearly four years studying all manner of carbon bikes through our Advanced Service Centre, applying what others did well and working on improving where they fell short, and applying those learnings to our own operation.


For us, it is not a numbers game. Unlike the mass production environment where the bulk of the world's carbon frame sets are made, we work with a quality-over-quantity approach, aligning our processes and standards closely with those found in the aerospace industry to ensure we are 100% certain that only excellent frame sets leave our hands.


The results of this approach are world-beating bikes built through superior craftsmanship. Our purebred superbikes are also designed with a focus on repairability and long lifespans, bucking the trend of the disposable, consumerist element that has become the norm.


There's no clever marketing jargon, hype, or flashy gimmicks needed with our superbikes. Just know that these bikes have been designed, engineered, and developed by a collection of experts who have been there and done it. Proven.

Founded on product repairability, longevity, world leading design and manufacturing processes.

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Innovative Features

  • No seat clamps or wedges - eliminates slippage, crush and compression damage to frame and seat post. Velos Mast System allows for fully adjustable seat hieght.

  • A true one piece monocoque frame construction with ZERO joints - meaning superior handling, lighter weight and no bonding failures over the frames lifetime. 

  • Common-sense Head tube/fork design - to eliminate common issues resulting in fork crown & head tube damage from overextension.

  • Flush frame fixtures - zero compression fittings such as rivnuts used to eliminate corrosion, debunking and spinning in the frame.

  • Repair-optimised surfacing of frame - to aid in repairability and refurbishment. 

  • Superior Ultra-light weight paint process - developed by PPG Aerospace Division for ultimate performance in aerospace and military applications.

  • Frame-sets sustainably manufactured from 100% reclaimed carbon fibre - supplied by SailGP Technologies and the New Zealand Marine & Aerospace Industry.

Better design and superior manufacturing ensure longer- lasting performance products.

Quality over quantity shifts the focus away from mass manufacturing and the inferior quality that accompanies it. Each frame manufactured by Vélos is created using superior methodology drawn from the aerospace industry and adheres to the same high standards that, to this day, remain unmatched by the large factories producing the majority of the world's carbon performance bikes. We also rigorously test 100% of our frames post-manufacture, in contrast to the industry norm.

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